8 Best Italian Dishes That You Can Make At Home


Italian dishes are among the best cuisine in the world that people love to eat. In the movies, we see a lot of times the Italian food is taken into account. From pizza to macaroni, every dish is a delicacy and continuously experimented with ingredients in the various restaurants around the world. We are showing the 8 best recipes that you can make at home and enjoy while quarantine.

Best Italian Dishes Easily Make At Home

authentic Italian dishes


It is a salad with Tuscan bread. While it does not have any fixed ingredients but two main items used are the tomatoes and bread. It is a sensation in the summer. You can enjoy it with chilled Poresco. Some other common ingredients are onion and lemon, which are mostly used in salads.


Bruschetta is a loaf of grilled bread with veggies on the top. Tomato in the toppings is a must. The crushed garlic is sprinkled over it and basil too with the cream and tomato mix as a spread, and it tastes delicious. It is another option in the bread among so many Italian dishes made over the bread as the base.

Pasta Carbonara

This dish was popular among the coal miners, that is where it got its name Carbonara (‘carbon’ meaning coal). Well, it is originally made with meat (bacon or pig’s meat), but you can use the vegetarian alternatives, it is assured that it is going to taste awesome with soya paneer or milk paneer.

Margherita Pizza

Well, this is a very popular dish in all the Italian food chain restaurants whether it is Pizza Hut or Dominos every restaurant has its own recipe and taste. You can make it at home by using the tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese, and of course, the base. With chili flakes and oregano, it tastes amazing. It has been spreading the love of Italian food for a long time, and people love it no matter what the season is.

Mushroom Risotto

It is a dish made of buttery risotto with mushroom, thinking about it makes our mouth filled with water. Fried peanuts are mixed too, to bring crunchiness. Besides its taste, it has a great amount of protein, antioxidants, and even cancer-fighting action. It is a must-learn recipe, make it and surprise everybody in your home.

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico

This is the most easily made Italian pasta recipe, and it takes very little time to cook. It is a trademark for someone serving Italian cuisine. It can be served for breakfast, can be packed for kids tiffin, children love it. It is made with soya sauce, and later tomato ketchup is used to add its tangy flavor.


The word tiramisu means ‘pick me up,’ and when you see it, you are really going to pick it up. It is a fantastic dessert. A cake with mascarpone cream and coffee all over it is a sensation, but regarding its caffeine content, it is too high, and I suggest it is not something to be eaten too frequently. If you replace coffee with some other ingredient, that would be much better to eat on a regular basis.



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