9 Tips to save money on Wedding Cake


Ah, Wedding cake! We all have seen on social platforms how pretty and sweet these wedding cakes can be. Celebrating the wedding day with a sweet treat is one of the essential things that most couples are excited about. That is, till the time they figure out how much a wedding cake actually costs.

No worries, the bride and groom can still save money on the wedding cake and it will taste awesome and look beautiful. Here are those hacks which will help you to cut costs and save money on the wedding cake.

Set a Budget

While dreaming of your wedding cake, just take a look at your total wedding budget first and then decide how much you can spend on your wedding cake. The minute you set your cake budget divide that amount by the number of your guests you invited. By this, you got the cost of a slice of cake.

Shop Around

The best thing you can do to save money on your wedding cake is to find a bakery shop. A good bakery shop will understand what actually you want and also respect your cake budget. There you need to ask lots of questions like cost per slice, flavor, etc.

Keep It Small 

This is also a good way to save money on an intimate wedding by getting a small size cake with fewer slices. However, if you are expecting lots of guests at your wedding then get a small cake for display and cake cutting and low-cost sheet cake for your guests.

Choose Buttercream

A wedding cake with fondant icing looks very neat and smooth in appearance but at the same time, it is also expensive. But don’t worry, you can choose buttercream frosting for your wedding cake as it looks smooth and tastes very good. Your guest will definitely appreciate your choice.

Go Simple

The complexity of the cake makes it costly for you. Things that are time-consuming for the baker are hand painting, sugar flowers, and other intricate details and also increases the price of the cake. Go for a simple wedding cake to keep the cost of your wedding cake down. Simple cakes look very elegant and attractive.

Add Real Flowers

Instead of using sugar flowers for your cake, go with real flowers or faux flowers. Sugar flowers are time-consuming, bakeries need extra time, on the other side when you go for real flowers, they are very low-priced.

Serve Smaller Slices

This is also a good way to save money on wedding cake just by serving smaller slices of cake to your guest. Usually, in casual weddings, cake slices are served that are 2” thick whereas in big weddings slices are served that are 1” thick in size.

So, you might think about your guests that incase they complain about the size of cake slices, don’t worry serve some other desserts also so that guests have more choices for sweets.

Make sure the person who serves the cake knows very well how to do it properly to get the number of cake slices you need.

Consider an Alternative

Nowadays it is very common to serve something sweet at weddings such as cookies, donuts, dessert bar,, etc. so if you go for these options then your guest will also be happy for something they have not seen before in any wedding.


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