Best Sad Anime Movies on Netflix that will make you Cry

Best Sad Anime Movies

Anime is a Japanese art form that is quickly becoming the number one way to experience stories. If you think it’s only for laughs or action, then rethink your beliefs because there are many Best Sad Anime movies out there with anime-like graphics and animation that can make anyone cry tears of sadness. For example, Netflix has compiled their list of best sad anime films on their site, which includes “Your Name” (2016), “A Silent Voice”(2017), and more!

Anime is an artistic style from Japan full of colorful visuals and awesome soundtracandlso lots of comedy moments too–it encapsulates every genre in its own unique package. Hence, people usually have trouble figuring out what type they like right away.

Anime has become a great source of entertainment for many people. You may often find yourself feeling teary-eyed or even scared because your favorite characters met an unfortunate demise in the show. Still, there are also times when you feel happy to see their success.

There is no doubt that mainstream anime can be very exciting with all these dramatic moments happening one after another, making it hard not to keep up on every episode as soon as they come out! There’s nothing like watching Naruto’s heartwarming moment where he finally achieves his dream by fighting against Sasuke at the Valley of End so that peace could return once again back into Konoha village–and then suddenly being thrown off; guard from hearing about what happens next!

When it comes to sad anime, one might think there are only a few options. However, Netflix is now showing an incredible commitment towards adding more anime movies that will touch your heart and make you feel all the feels! Take some time out of your day today to watch these ten best sadness-inducing films on Netflix right now.

Sad Anime Movies on Netflix

Anime movies are not all about action, thrill, and romance. It is a vast genre of anime movie that many fans love the most because it offers a way to see what life would be like if they were actually in the stories themselves. One such popular genre within Anime films is sad anime! Ye,s you, read right– just as we experience sadness, our favorite characters also go through bad phases in their lives which change them forever.

This passage will talk about how Anime has another subgenre called “Sad” or Sadanime (for short). This means there’s more than fighting monsters with swords; people can find drama, horror, thriller… And yes, even some good old-fashioned crying when watching these amazing animations.

Netflix has everything: good movies, great TV series, and of course, awesome anime. And even though you can’t always find what you’re looking for on Netflix’s extensive list of titles-especially when it comes to sad anime! But have no fear because we’ve curated a list just for that, so read below to see the best ones available right now…

Netflix is synonymous with streaming services in today’s age, but many people don’t realize they carry plenty of Japanese animated films as well. Anime fans are notoriously difficult palate pleasers – there are thousands upon thousand out there from genres such as action or comedy – yet one specific genre often goes overlooked: Sad Anime! There aren’t enough hours in this world dedicated solely to

Clannad After Story (2008)

If you’re looking for sad anime on Netflix, then this depressed anime is the best option. Clannad After Story takes place after the Key Clannad franchise and is a sequel to it as well. This show opens up paths within the visual novels themselves that take different routes than before; these new options make things more interesting while keeping with what makes them so great in their own way!

In this anime, the life of Tomoya continues after he confesses his love to Nagisa. The two lovers live in happiness and bliss for a time before tragedy strikes…

The protagonist’s confessions are only words that come out when they least expect it, but they can change everything when said with all their might and passion!

Tomoya’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Nagisa, who shares the same interests. With her help and guidance, Tomoya finds himself attracted to the world of books and music. They continue their wonderful relationship by exploring each other’s worlds until they reach intimacy levels unlike before with one another – both in terms of emotional understanding and physical closeness.

The worst part of this anime is that Tomoya and Nagisa try to bring their relatives together but face a wide range of issues along the way. Even after confessing his love for Nagisa, Tomoya’s life goes on amazingly. If you want something romantic with just enough sadness in it, then give this sad anime picture a chance!

Erased (2016)

When it comes to sad scenes, this movie is one of the best on Netflix. It tells a story about Satoru Fujiyama and his past life in Japan as he meets people trying to stop him from changing what has already happened with tragic consequences.

Our protagonist is a sad anime boy who has been mentally damaged by witnessing too many tragic events. He involuntarily travels back in time whenever he sees an event that will cause someone to die and can only watch helplessly as the scene unfolds before his eyes.

When Satoru is framed in the plan of his mother’s murder, he goes back 18 years to understand that her death was connected with events from when he was younger. When he runs into one of his classmates, Kayo Hinazuki, everything starts making sense: she was kidnapped and murdered by a mysterious killer who needed to be stopped before more innocent lives were lost. So now it becomes Satoru’s mission not just to save himself but also two other people too – if possible!

Violet Evergarden (2018)

Violet Evergarden is a complicated anime series created by Kyoto Animation. It tells Violet, an orphaned young woman caught up in The Great War and used only for her skills as a weapon that destroys enemies. Towards the end of it all, she finds herself wounded at a hospital with no one around to care or speak words into her ears, but rather than trying to find some way out alone. She takes solace in their love letters left behind before finally succumbing from this ordeal on episode nine, which leaves you wanting more because there are so many unanswered questions!

Violet Evergarden follows the protagonist, Violet’s journey after being brought home from fighting during World War I, where she discovers old friends have passed away while new ones await.

The post-war world is a confusing place, and she couldn’t find her way around. So when a job at the postal service came up, it seemed like an obvious decision to take on something that would keep her grounded in reality. The people there were friendly enough, but they didn’t have any time for small talk – not with those packages prioritizing everything else. She made friends with some of them, though—they had stories about their families from before or after the war; back then, life was different somehow than how things are now (though oftentimes more brutal). And soon, one day, someone showed up who changed everything: An auto memory doll!

One morning at work, as I sorted through many letters looking for my

Violet becomes intrigued by the idea. Therefore, she decides to work like one herself. Her adventure begins from this point as well! In her time helping others remake their lives, Violet discovers what is most important in hers, too- that there are many ways of being happy and healthy!

This movie has various sad scenes, and this anime picture is just one of them. It’s a scene that will compel you to reflect on the true calling in your life.


A Silent Voice (2016)

This one is an amazing sad anime movie on Netflix. A Silent Voice, produced by Kyoto Animation Studio and revolving around a bored teenager Shouya Ishida, takes you through the trials of life as he meets new people in his school’s deaf club to learn sign language so that they can communicate better with each other.

When he and his other classmates start bullying a newly transferred deaf student, they never imagined the dark consequences of their actions. After one incident, the school authorities find out about it and blame him for everything that happened – which means isolation from everyone else in his class.

When he realizes his mistake, Shuoko meets him again and is overjoyed. He tries to make up for the damage he made by revealing this secret.

If you are looking for a show that makes you cry and has some real emotional depth, this is the one. The story may be depressing in many ways, but it’s also really beautiful at times as well.

Toradora (2008)

Dating is always tough. Taiga, a female protagonist in Toradora, often gets into arguments with her love interest. It has to take out the wooden Katana she carries around for protection and sticking up for what’s right every now and then.

Ryuuji Takasu is the protagonist of this story, and he has an intimidating face. In other words, Ryuuji’s looks don’t exactly scream “nice guy.” But as it turns out, his intentions are actually anything but bad! He meets Taiga Aisaka early on in her quest to get more attention from Minori Kushieda by helping her with some tasks she thinks will make him look delinquent too- which helps their cause because they both want the same thing: for each to be able to spend time with someone they care about without feeling insecure or jealous. As you read through these lighthearted adventures together, though (and laugh at all of that comedic banter), a bond starts growing between them; one where compassion washes away.

Toradora is a high school comedy that will make you laugh, cry and swoon over the cute characters. It has an ending with bittersweet feelings, which are sure to leave you feeling sad. The anime overflows with emotion, so it’s not uncommon for viewers to feel happy or sad at various show points.

Orange (2016)

Orange is a colorful, story-driven movie that offers an incredibly different perspective on the genre of Shoujo anime. This film goes into taboo themes like suicide and depression in deep detail but stays true to its’ signature optimistic tone.

The story of Noragami Aragoto is a classic and engaging sci-fi anime with an added pinch of nostalgia. You’ll be able to relate it back to your high school memories, which will make you feel nostalgic for the good old days. It has that stereotypical yet heartwarming rom-com love triangle we all know too well; however, it also includes some much-needed drama and tragedy when things get dark to keep viewers on their toes!


Anohana (2013)

Anohana is a moving story about six friends who grow apart after the death of one friend. After years without contact, they are reunited when Jintan finds out that his old childhood friend Menma has turned into a ghost and needs their help to get back home–to Heaven’s doorsteps.

Menma states that Jintan sees her because of a wish she wants to be fulfilled. However, she is unsure about the wish and does not know what it entails. As a result of Menma’s spirit, Jintan gets action back in his life- all thanks to an anime series! All the group members come together with the intent of fulfilling her last wish; this sad story will make you cry tears from your eyes but smile simultaneously. Trust me when I say: You are going to love this tearjerker!

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