Coronavirus Report Worldwide – Current Data of Coronavirus Infected And Death Tolls


This Coronavirus pandemic is the most dreadful pandemic faced by the entire humanity till now. The death tolls are climbing up, reaching to 12,944, the confirmed cases are 294,110 all over the world as released by the WHO (World Health Organization) in its initial report on its website . WHO continuously releases the stats on the spread of the virus and the affected population along with a way of transmission in its reports along with precautions that are needed to be followed strictly to stop this calamity from increasing further. All the countries that are not that much affected by the virus are now taking strict actions to stop it from spreading. Countries like Italy, China, the USA, Spain are most severely affected.

In China, the confirmed cases are 81,498, and the casualties are 3267. In Italy, the death toll raised to 4,827, and total confirmed cases are 53,578. Italy, having the second-best healthcare services in the world, has bent against this virus. America is also severely hit by the virus, with total cases of 15,219, with 209 deaths, which is low in ratio as compared to other countries.

This virus poses a severe problem for the countries where healthcare services are poor. In African countries and some Asian countries where the health services are very poor, it will be almost impossible to save people from dying.

In Iran, the condition is severe, with around 20,000 cases and 1556 casualties. In this state, it is very difficult to control the situation. China has shown a halt to the spread; China has developed the vaccine for the covid-19. India has developed the vaccine too, but these vaccines will take a long time to come into the market. Govt. has to find the measures to produce the medicines at a fast rate without putting the life of workers at risk.

Coronavirus Situation in India

coronavirus situation in india

India is experiencing the increases of cases day by day, 9 among the total 424 patients died. The risk of diseases is very serious in the country. Govt. is taking the very possible step to stop the disease in the early stage without letting it affect too many people. If the disease grows to a more significant stage, it will be impossible to cure the public. Since the disease will take the form of community transmission, in this stage, the number of patients will increase in a tremendous way. Citizens of India need to follow the guidelines of the government. Taken in order to stop the virus from spreading either willingly or forcefully as declared by the govt. Initially, the disease was brought by foreigners from Italy, which started the phenomenon in the country. Some of the foreigners are admitted to the hospitals of Jaipur and Delhi. In the other states, too, disease imported from outside of the estate, like in Maharashtra, a group coming from Dubai, brought the disease. One older man among them died, the reason is that they didn’t tell they are coming from Dubai, the doctors thought he was just having a respiratory problem, but it turned out the other way. The treatment of the COVID-19 is available in few hospitals with a limited number of specialized doctors. Doctors are doing their best to save the people of this country, and in the other countries too, their job is really to praise worthy. People are required to support the doctors by following their guidelines.

There are things to keep in mind how it spreads.


How Does the Coronavirus Spread?

Unlike cold and flu, which are airborne, the virus spreads only via droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. The droplets land on the surface and get picked up by the hands of another person and spread further. People catch the virus when they touch their infected hands to their mouth, nose, or eyes.

The single most important thing we can do to protect ourselves is to keep our hands clean by washing them frequently with disinfecting soaps and water or hand-sanitizers.

A lead On The COVID-19

The team of doctors in SMS hospital, Jaipur, found the medication for the treatment of corona. While serving the patients affected by the coronavirus in Jaipur, they found that the anti-bacterial medicine for malaria, medicine for swine flu and drugs for HIV treatment have an impound effect on the disease. They first gave the patient a combination of two drugs used to treat HIV named Lopinavir and Ritonavir, as told by Rohit Kumar Singh, additional chief secretary (health department). The patient tested negative after the medication. The ICMR (Indian Council For Medical Research) is satisfied by the combination of the drugs, Rohit Kumar said in an interview.

First Vaccine For The Coronavirus

A company named Moderna Therapeutics developed the first vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19, the company is looking forward to starting the production of the vaccine as soon as possible. It will take around a year to test it and bring it into the market. It will help to fight the virus if any new outbreak occurs.


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