Creative Princess Room Ideas


A little girl always dreams of being a princess of her own tiny room that is her own kingdom. But every little girl is not lucky to get that room of her dreams. Do you want to surprise your little girl with a princess room? If YES then this post is very helpful for you to get creative princess room ideas.

Princess themed rooms always give royalty hints and come in different styles. Every bedroom looks different from the other but gives that princess feel. So here I listed the creative princess room ideas to make your job much easier.

Butterflies theme

Butterfly Princess Room Ideas

What you think about butterflies all over the walls of your little princess’s bedroom. For butterflies themed bedrooms you need to paint the room in a light base color like beige or off-white color. After painting the walls with your chosen base color, you can get the butterflies painted in purple shade according to your little girl preference. Match the curtains and furniture with this theme to complete the look.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven Princess Room Ideas

Just imagine converting one wall of your princess bedroom to the night sky. For that, you need to paint the wall in a dark or navy blue color. Stick the stars, moon, and clouds shaped stickers on the ceiling or wall. The star and moon stickers glow in the dark and look lovely.

Lovely Pink Bedroom

Pink Princess Room Ideas

The lovely pink bedroom is a very good option for little girls who wish to get a princess bed with a heart-shaped headboard. Most of the time girls don’t prefer this theme because it looks a little crowded.

Fairytale Bunk Beds


Most of the little girls are fond of toys. So, if your little one is one of them then you will need more space for toys in your daughter’s room. Fairytale bunk beds offer a lot of space not just for sleeping but for toys too.

Disney Princess Bedroom Set

Blue Princess Room

Designing a Disney inspired bedroom is not an easy task. The Disney bedroom set comes with a drawer, dresser, bed, and cupboard. So, if your princess is a Disney lover then she will love this bedroom set for sure.

Heavenly Haus Interiors

Who said a small room cannot be as attractive as this looks? YES, it is possible to transform a small bedroom into a princess-themed room and would surely be one of the best kids’ bedroom ideas for small rooms like this one.

Denise Richards Residence   

If you are looking for a perfect bedroom for your two daughters which makes them both feel like a princess then this bedroom is the best option to go for.

Teenage Girl Bedroom

Princess Room Ideas

The details of this bedroom make it so perfect for a teenage princess. The color is too attractive for those who are looking for some cool teenage bedroom ideas.

Final Thoughts

I know very well that you are getting jealous of the owners of these bedrooms because I also feel the same. Anyway, I hope you got the idea with the list for your princess room. Princess theme bedroom fits infants, little girls, teens, and adults can also feel like a princess.




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