Different Applications Of AI In Smartphones


Are you wondering how AI will change our life? Checkout the post, it will contain how we are using AI application in our smartphones without even knowing about it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

When a piece of computing machinery is capable of showing human-like intelligence, then it is termed as artificial intelligence or say if a machine acquired human-like intelligence, then it is an artificially intelligent machine. 

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

ai features in smartphones

These days AI or Artificial Intelligence in smartphones has become a huge part of our life and we are unknowingly uses AI applications in our smartphones without ever thinking.

Narrow AI  : When the machine is intelligent in a very specialized field of work, then it is Narrow AI. Examples of narrow AI are image processing of images and videos of drones and satellites. AI chatbots, automated customer query replying systems, coordinating with other intelligent systems as such.

General AI : This part is more broad and capable of doing many things, multitasking like humans, or say, it is a generalized form of AI. It is capable of learning by experience. Research is going on in this field, and many bots are developed that are capable of showing human-like intelligence.

Machine Learning : It is a huge part of Artificial intelligence currently used in many areas predictions, regression analysis, etc. The use of ML can be seen in weather forecasting, sales predictions, recommendation systems used in search engines, newsfeeds, and other areas.

 Deep learning is also a very revolutionary part of AI, it is an extension to Machine Learning, which involves deeper connections of neural networks. The deep learning models are used in google translate, in image recognition in Google photos and various other revolutionary apps involving AI.

Currently Used Applications Of AI In Smartphones

Voice-activated assistants- Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are excellent examples of voice assistants. These applications are excellent examples of AI-driven voice assistants. Their tech-stack is such that they are purely data-driven, the google assistant makes use of the largest search engine google, they make use of machine learning algorithms to optimize recommendations for you.

AI cameras- Nowadays cameras in smartphones have auto-focus in which the machine automatically understands where to focus, in some cameras, there is multiple focus in which the camera recognizes the image and finds the face of a person, in face detection which is a very cool feature liked by people, when it was first introduced. 

Virtual Reality Applications- Virtual reality means experiencing a virtually projected environment, which seems very real. Various games in the market are played using VR gear (It is a binocular type gadget that gives 360 views and gives very real gaming or video streaming experience). The research is going on in this field, and scientists are proposing that people will be loving this technology and also may get addicted to it, like in Steven Spielberg’s movie “Ready Player One.” It is a fantastic sci-fi, which reveals to us the possibility of the VR world. Another extension to VR is AR i.e., Augmented Reality, which is discussed below.

Augmented reality is that when a user cannot discriminate from real space to the screen. It provides the user the feel of depth in the image and video. Once this technology gets into the market properly, there will be insane games that you will be psyched to see.



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