The Medusa Piercing: Everything You Need to Know


Get an alternative style by getting your Medusa pierced, also known as the philtrum piercing.

The Medusa piercing, located below the septum and right above the lip, can take on a sleek but subtle look with just an ordinary stud. However, if you want to go bold and beautiful jewelry, then this is also possible. If you’re going daring or shy, it’s perfect for both!

Like all piercings, you need to be mindful of aftercare practices and healing times. Oral piercings are an exception as they can harbor bacteria that is harmful to your piercing during the process or the following healing.

If you think that Medusa’s are pretty cool, then get ready to have a blast! Here is some info about getting your very own pair of eyes. In this article, I will tell you everything there is to know from initial considerations and planning all the way up until aftercare so come with me on an exciting journey into piercing land!

How much does the Medusa piercing hurt?

Imagine the feeling you get when a sharp needle touches your skin, piercing it and making that distinctive “pop” sound. That’s how quick this procedure will be! The piercer can make sure to pierce in one fluid motion so there is no need for more pain than necessary. You’ll feel only minor discomfort as they insert their tool into your lip – which never lasts longer than an instant because of all those nerve endings- followed by some throbbing associated with any piercing.

It’s likely that you’ll experience some continuing pain and swelling for a few days after receiving your piercing. This is quite normal, but if it continues to hurt even after one week or has started smelling bad or excreting green or white pus then go see a doctor right away!

Medusa Piercing Healing Process

Depending on the size of your lips, and how well you take care of it during healing, a Medusa piercing usually takes 6 -12 weeks to heal. It’s important to note that while the outside heals quickly (in about 3-6 months), internally it can still be taking as long as 12+ months for proper healing! After at least 6 full weeks (or when you stop feeling any pain) consult with your piercer before deciding whether or not it’s safe to discontinue aftercare practices so they can confirm if everything is healed properly.

Aftercare rules

The Medusa Piercing is a type of oral piercing and with it comes more unique aftercare considerations. For the most part, standard care practices are still necessary while your mouth heals but there are several things to be aware of during this process as well!

New piercings are sensitive, so it’s important to keep these areas clean and away from any irritants. It is essential that the initial jewelry you choose be large enough to heal swelling during the process; this way, there will not be anything pressing against your piercing (which can increase infection risk) or limit blood flow. With higher-quality metals being safer on more delicate skin types than lower-quality ones, remember: A good first impression lasts a lifetime!

Here are some quick tips on how to ensure a smooth healing process:

Clean your piercing with a disinfectant such as a hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or other commercial products to avoid infection. You can also make an aftercare salt bath at home using one tablespoon of table salt and two cups of boiling water in the time it takes to heal your skin. When cleaning your piercings, always use clean hands and paper towels to free them from any bacteria that may linger on them.

Cleaning your piercing the right way is a crucial step in making sure it heals properly. Use special aftercare products to disinfect without irritating skin, or make your salt bath at home with clean ingredients!

If you want to keep your piercing in pristine condition, don’t wear it near anything out of the ordinary. Keep away from scarves and chapstick that can trap bacteria if rubbed up against a broken skin area. Additionally, avoid petroleum jelly as well because it won’t dry on contact with blood like other ointments that are safe for piercings will do. Finally, cover your pillow at night by using a clean t-shirt so dried saliva doesn’t get onto your new jewelry over time!

Avoid eating with your new piercing so that you do not break or damage your teeth.

Brush your teeth in a way that won’t irritate the healing piercing. Rinse with warm water, not cold or hot because they may close up and cause pain if you do so. Brush circularly around it to help prevent build-ups of bacteria as well as avoid rubbing too hard which can lead to irritation and bumps on the lip.

Brush but don’t scrub!

Stay away from booze and smokes. Booze can lower your immune system’s functionality, while cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that are sure to hinder the healing process for any piercing you may have received recently.

Medusa jewelry styles

The Medusa is a super cute piercing that has its own special style! The most popular type of jewelry seen in this piercing is lip piercings. They consist of flat discs, barbells, and beads or charms screwed to the front on internally threaded settings so there are no snags during the healing time. If you want your medusa to be high quality then opt for 14k gold or platinum plated pieces because they’re durable but still lightweight – these will make sure you don’t irritate your skin while it heals as well!

The Medusa tattoo is adorably quirky with an “evil” theme; by far, the most common form of jewelry sighted here would be a lip stud which consists of the flat disc back

If you’re a daring little minx, then the Medusa piercing is just for you. There are two different piercings that can be done: one near your upper lip and another on the lower side of your mouth (or under-chin). The most popular choice seems to be 14G or 16G studs with barbells in length anywhere from 1/2″ – 3″. To avoid any possible problems like embedded jewelry too close to the skin, make sure that larger pieces don’t scrape against gums when they move around.

Why shouldn’t I get a Medusa?

The Medusa is for anyone looking to accentuate their lower lip and draw attention away from the top half of their face. The location allows for a variety of different piercings, which means people with any sort of facial shape can rock this piercing!

The Medusa Piercing: great if you want more definition in your lips or just need some help drawing focus downward on that beautiful smile

However, its location also makes it a prominent piercing so you want to make sure that this is the right place for your love of piercings before adopting one.

If you have gumline issues or other oral injuries, your dentist says this piercing could cause more problems. Healing time will depend on how well-groomed your teeth are and the jewelry can rub against sensitive gums, leading to even more injury.

If you have a small space between your septum and upper lip, it’s best to avoid piercings on that side of the face. You might want to consider some other styles like labrets or Monroes in order to make up for this lack of room!

How much will it cost?

The prices for getting a lip piercing are all over the place, but it could cost you anywhere from $40 to $80. It’s important that your piercer is qualified and experienced since this type of piercing sits in an area with many nerve endings close to bacteria-prone saliva – so don’t be cheap! Spending more will ensure that any pain or discomfort won’t last long because everything was done properly by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Medusa Piercing Variations

We love body jewelry for its ability to help us show our individual personalities, so we’re always on the lookout for something new and fresh!

The double Medusa piercing is a trendy style that combines two piercings in one. The first hole goes through the septum, and the second goes below it to create this unique look. Piercers recommend receiving them gradually for less pain when healing has started on its own time frame.

Medusa piercings are a great addition to septum and nostril piercings because they’re so close in proximity.


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