Pubg Battlegrounds Mobile India Coming Soon to IOS


The team at Pubg Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is excited to announce the release of their mobile app on Apple iOS. The game has already surpassed 34 million registered users within a week after its launch in this country, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

Wooyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at Krafton in South Korea is confident that the game will soon be available for Indian iOS users. According to Wooyol: “The developers are doing their best to bring BGMI to the iOS users in India as soon as possible”

Lim said that they would be announcing the news on their social media handles soon to keep fans updated.

The game has had a huge impact on the country, as it seems to be growing at an unstoppable rate. Many people have been unable to play their favorite games since they were banned last year but BGMI is picking up and showing everyone that India can compete with any of them in terms of popularity.

The company is taking its exclusive game, BGMI, to the next level by using immersive content and focusing on giving its Indian fans a superlative gameplay experience.

“A focus of ours is to keep bringing in more and engaging content, world-class collaborations with India specific content. Lim added.”

When asked if BGMI is a toned-down version of PUBG, the developer’s answer was that Krafton services it and they are completely independent in South Korea.

The Indian video game industry is set to boom with the launch of “Let’s Go!” on November 16. With a healthy gameplay environment and growth in esports, fans can expect India-specific content as well for years to come!

“Krafton will continue to introduce features and items that reflect the local culture and needs on Battlegrounds Mobile India including outfits and India-specific events”.
Many gamers find the reminders to take a break annoying when they play for too long, but game developer Lim says that it’s extremely important. “The team cares deeply about our fans’ health,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat. For example, if players are playing for over two hours continuously without taking any breaks, then every single time after their next death or level up there will be a pop-up message reminding them to stop and rest their eyes from the screen which can cause eye strain as well as neck pain depending on how you’re sitting while gaming. He also mentioned that this is better than letting your body get into bad habits of staying hunched forward all day since we don’t want people getting sick!
“We are huge advocates of responsible gaming, and measures have been taken to ensure our fans understand that Battlegrounds is a virtual world and time limits for gaming have been set accordingly, plus OTP control given to parents,” Lim informed.
The Indian esports scene is heating up! With the announcement of Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021, it looks like these tournaments will become a common fixture in this country. The first tournament starts on July 19 and there are prizes totaling Rs 1 crore to be won for those who qualify.


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