Top 6 Smartest Anime Characters of all time


Typically, anime is not all about the physical strength that wins the day but rather brainpower. Physical power does not come to play often. When they do get outsmarted by some of these smart anime characters from time to time, then you know people underestimate them both physically and intellectually at times.

These anime characters are so smart, always finding their way through any situation and having a huge amount of knowledge at the ready. They’re able to adapt almost instantly to new situations-they can adjust quickly to new surroundings too!

These smartest anime characters have some great skills that they use all the time for getting out of difficult or sticky situations:  Their big brains mean they’ll never be short on information when it comes down to solving problems (and bringing themselves back from near-death)-it looks like these guys will live up well into old age!

Shinichi is a self-professed “problem solver” who only seems to make situations worse. He’s always getting himself into trouble, but he has his friends and his handy gadgets on standby for backup when needed!

Shinichi loves solving problems–but every time he does something with good intentions, it somehow gets him in more hot water than before. Sure, Shinzi may be the brains of their group; however, sometimes you just need someone else to do all that thinking, so you don’t have any mental fatigue!

If you love anime, then there is a good chance that you are an avid fan and the type of person who loves to watch villains. Villains make for compelling viewing, and most people seem to enjoy them in some capacity or another – even if they just find it entertaining when their favorite hero defeats him every time! That said, which villain would be considered as smart?

Check Below 6 Smartest Anime Characters

Light Yagami

Light is one of the most popular anime characters; he’s talented and always works hard. He can plan well ahead in all his scenarios because of how good at mapping out things that happen, so it makes sense to him easily. His family loves Light, who has a high intelligence quotient as adults’ praise merged with this talent laid the foundation for arrogance after obtaining Death Note notebook.

L Lawliet

L Lawliet is a strange and eccentric character from the Death Note manga series, which has been reputed to be one of the world’s most famous international private agents. As if that weren’t enough, L also takes on cases for national authorities when they have failed in solving their own mysteries.

L Lawliet – The World’s Strange Private Investigator

When Lawliet stands opposite the protagonist, Yagami, trying to explain that he is a killer and has committed crimes.

But what if it’s not true? What would happen then? The series’ main antagonist will try his best to purify this ‘world of evil’ by killing Kira or committing suicide as well for all these problems to be solved, but there’s one thing wrong with him: He also happens to be Light’s archenemy!

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is a lazy ninja from the Naruto series. He’s not just any old kind of guy, but rather he has an innate ability that allows him to control the battle situation consistently and keep his cool under fire. When it comes to responsibility or new challenges, Shikamaru happily accepts them to help out Team 10 members like himself with their missions and other people they come across during travels when necessary!

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is a famous anime character from the Naruto manga series. His clan was killed by Itachi in the act of vengeance and hatred, but he never got over his past misdeeds until meeting with Sasuke’s mother, who absolves him for all sins committed.

Ever since then, it has been seen as one of the most touching moments to ever happen on TV or otherwise because she had forgiven him through forgiveness alone- without conditions or limits set forth like being able to meet someone so that they may be recognized for their accomplishments; just pure love and acceptance which caused her son somehow find peace within himself too!

Despite the terrible war that his people were facing, this emperor killed them all and prevented a coup with an act of selflessness.

Itachi has had a long and arduous journey. He’s been both Konoha’s protector and Sasuke’s older brother for the duration of our series. His character resonates with critics as

well, as readers, so much to the point where he was placed in an all-time top list by many publications after his death at such young age.

In fact, Itachi Uchiha has endured through hell on earth during these past few years – protecting Konohagakure from outside forces while also caring deeply about his younger brother Sasuke; who always seemed like he would give up any day now without seeing him again… or worse yet: turn into what they’ve fought against this entire time.

Levi Hackerman

Levi Ackerman is a squad captain of the Special Operations Squad, and the Levi anime character is globally known as one of the most powerful human soldiers. Hubert Hackerman, on the other hand, became famous not only for his tenacity but also because he’s an avid fanboy who lives in Wall Rose due to surviving members from their bloodline being persecuted by his country’s monarchy.


Shiro was abandoned by her parents at the age of eleven. At that time, she demonstrated an incredible level of intelligence and became a genius to be reckoned with.

As Shiro’s life story unfolds in No Game No Life, you’ll find out how this girl is so amazingly gifted–and why her mommy left too soon!

Sora and Shiro are the best of friends. They seem to be inseparable from one another, despite being only step siblings due to their father remarrying after Sora’s mother left him for a man with more money.

Sora had always been an overprotective older brother. Still, when he found out that his dad was getting married again, it caused some issues in their relationship thanks mostly because they were both still children at heart who wanted nothing more than to play together all day long without having any time apart.

Even if those few minutes would have simply consisted of cleaning up or taking care of other chores around the house. The truth is, no matter what happened between them as kids and how different things might get now that there’s

Shiro is a genius in science, which makes sense since she has an eidetic memory. She can recall information without forgetting even after just reading or viewing it once. Her mind works much like a supercomputer because of this ability – making for incredible simulations that lead to major breakthroughs in the scientific world.


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